Our mission

‘With our passenger information, security and entertainment solutions, we also intend to help encourage people to switch to an enticing and environmentally-friendly public transport system.’

Everyone wins

GSP is the market-leading full-service provider of systems that provide passenger information, security and entertainment. Trains, trams and buses that are equipped with our technology offer passengers more information, a higher level of security and a great degree of service.

Who benefits from this? Vehicle manufacturer, transport companies, and passengers. Cities and communities. And last but not least, the environment and society. Because we are making public transport more appealing and are actively shaping the future of mobility. As a result, more and more people are switching to buses and trains and the transport of the 21st century is becoming more sustainable, safer and more comfortable.

Working at GSP

As an employer, GSP offers exciting work in an international team. Find our current job vacancies here.


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