April 2014 - Comfort in real time

Comfort in real time

GSP is a specialist in intelligent information systems that increase the comfort levels for the rail passenger and at the same time, enable secure data transfer.

The RealTime FIS GSP software for real-time applications is writing a new chapter when it comes to passenger comfort on the rails.

Real time information Real time PIS

Current information regarding the journey, arrival information and anticipated measures such as journey changes or platform changes are transmitted from the back office into the train via the GPRS and UMTS radio networks and are matched with data from the PIS.

In the future, all passengers will benefit from such information, which is, for example, available on stationary info displays, thanks to the GSP real-time solution. This information will be displayed visually to the passengers in the vehicle on the displays or on the information displays (INDIS) as changes or as a ticker and will be played back as audio announcements by means of Text to Speech (TTS) conversion.

It is also possible for location information, passenger number information and vehicle diagnostics information to be transferred from the vehicle into the back office at the control centre. Data is transmitted using HTTPS protocol and/or VPN option, which ensures the requirements for protection of data.

RealTime PIS has already been integrated into GSP passenger information systems for many customers with different CAD/AVL providers. The test phase for RealTime-FIS at Deutsche Bahn (PIS) begins in the first quarter of 2014.

PIS = Passenger Information System

CAD/AVL = Computer Aided Dispatch/Automatic Vehicle Location

TTS = Text to Speech (computer-aid conversion of text into speech)

GPRS = General Packet Radio Service (packet-oriented service for data communication in GSM networks)

UMTS = Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (3G mobile communication standard)

HTTPS = HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure

VPN = Virtual Private Network


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