April 2014 - Stadler relies on trusted GSP quality once again

Stadler relies on trusted GSP technology

Passengers who travel with the Ostdeutsche Eisenbahngesellschaft ODEG between Wismar, Stendal and Cottbus are well informed thanks to GSP information systems. Since 2012, a total of 16 new, four-compartment, two-tier multiple KISS train units have been running on the Berlin-Brandenburg city rail route network.

The local trains produced by Stadler Pankow GmbH were equipped with the latest passenger information technology, which thanks to the implementation competence of GSP, were configured perfectly once again and integrated into the new KISS trains.

Information is provided to passengers on each train with two front displays, eight side displays and 22 interior displays. The key component of the system is the UKR2 communication processor with GPS-controlled vehicle destination that connects and coordinates the connected displays and internal announcement unit via the IBIS carriage bus.

The integrated passenger intercom system allows direct contact with the driver in cases of emergency, while DIVIS3-2 digital video surveillance provides networked security. The images from selected or even all cameras are displayed continuously and simultaneously. The result is an efficient full service, which thanks to perfectly aligned components and subsystems, could be used straight away.


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