December 2015 - GSP donates to non-profit organisations in 2015 too

The same as last year, GSP made a conscious decision not to give Christmas presents to our customers and business partners in 2015. Instead, we supported many charitable organisations with monetary donations.

We are pleased to be able to support the work of the Berlin City mission. Important work is being done particularly with helping homeless people combat the cold and assisting refugees.

We also pay particular attention to regional and national projects that benefit children and young people:


  • Straßenkinder e.V. (Bolle Children and Young People's House) [Street Children Association]
  • Kinderhilfe Fortaleza e. V. [Fortaleze Children's Aid Association]
  • Kietz für Kids gGmbH
  • Verein zur Förderung der Fläming-Grundschule e.V. [Association for Supporting the Fläming Primary School]

This year we are also supporting:

  • Wikimedia Fördergesellschaft [Wikimedia Fund]
  • Tierschutzverein für Berlin und Umgebung Corporation e.V. [Berlin Society for the Protection of Animals and Surroundings Corporation]

It is fantastic that we are able to share our success and we would like to thank the organisations listed for their ongoing commitment.


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