January 2014 - nordbahn passenger information system in Netz Mitte rail network in Schleswig-Holstein

Partnership between ETC and GSP enables customer-friendly real-time information

In December 2014, the nordbahn Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH & Co. KG assumed operation of the Netz Mitte rail network in Schleswig-Holstein. The new Stadler FLIRT vehicles, that run on the lines from Itzehoe and Wrist/Kellinghusen to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof or Hamburg-Altona, are equipped with a modern passenger information system (PIS): The integration of computer aided dispatch/automatic vehicle location (CAD/AVL) by ETC Transport Consultants (ETC) into the PIS of GSP Sprachtechnologie GmbH (GSP) allows the communication of real time information into the passenger areas and guarantees the best provision of information.

The GSP system is based on a state-of-the-art UKR2 on-board computer with communication and position finding for precise passenger information that appears on both external and interior displays as well as TFT displays.

In conjunction with the computer aided dispatch/automatic vehicle location (CAD/AVL) DatNet® from ETC, GSP provides extensive passenger information in the vehicle in real time: The CAD/AVL ensures a constant exchange of real time information between the systems in the train and the nordbahn control room.

The latest information regarding events, e.g. successful connections, delays and interchanges, is shared automatically using the CAD/AVL on the TFT displays. Information that is not generated automatically regarding the operations will be looked after by staff in the nordbahn control room.

All information will be announced automatically in the trains and published on the webpages: the nordbahn website and the journey planning section for local transport on www.nah.sh. This ensures that the passenger is given precise and real-time customer information.


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