Do my qualifications match GSP?

As a technology company, we provide our customers with tailored hardware and software systems. In addition to technical departments, such as development or production, all commercial departments are united under one roof. We are therefore interested in professionals and experts from the fields of telecommunications and electrical engineering, as well as commercially qualified staff.

Those wishing to change careers may find a position within the company if they possess the relevant personal and professional skills. We are an employer who places great emphasis on equal opportunity and the promotion of demographic diversity in the team. We welcome applications from disabled or impaired prospective employees. If the qualifications are the same, we will give them priority.

What is the application process at GSP?

On receipt of the application, you will always receive a confirmation of receipt. This way you can be sure that your documents have arrived and were checked for completion. To ensure that your professional qualification meets the desired profile of the position, your application will be transferred to the relevant department. After being checked by the head of the department, you will receive a response from us as quickly as possible.

If your application has interested us, but we still have a few things to ask you, we will sometimes arrange an initial telephone interview to discuss this with you. If it becomes clear that you may work well in our team with your experience and expectations, we will invite you to attend a personal interview. A second interview may take place after the first interview where you will have the opportunity to get to know your potential colleagues better, giving both sides a good basis from which to make a long-term decision that works for both of us.

What does GSP do with my personal data?

Your application and also your personal data will be processed and managed in our internal application management system. The HR department then receives access to the data; as part of the selection process, the management of the department you applied for and its representatives may access your document where required. As the works council is always involved in the selection process, they will also view your documents in the final instance. Your details cannot be seen by other GSP employees.

We would like to evaluate all our applicants according to their qualifications only. We therefore ask you not to include sensitive information in your application, such as ethnic origin, trade union membership, religious or political beliefs, etc.

If we are not able to consider you for the described position and cannot find you a different position within the company, you will be given an explanation as promptly as possible. We will delete your application and your personal details in accordance with legal stipulations. If you would like us to consider your application for subsequent vacancies and retain your information for longer, please tell us. We will then conclude a corresponding declaration of consent with you.

For further information on the handling of your personal data in the application process, please refer to our privacy policy for applicants.

Where will the interviews take place and who will they be with?

All interviews will take place in our offices at Teltowkanalstraße 1 in Berlin. We will tell you in advance who you will be meeting during your interview. Usually it is one to two people from the relevant department and a colleague from the HR department.

Will GSP bear the costs of travel to my interview?

In principal, we may pay for travel costs. Please clarify the details with your HR contact before planning your journey.

What is expected of me in the interview?

It is important that both parties have the opportunity to make a good and lasting impression. We would like to find out as much as possible about you, and on the other hand, you should also have the opportunity to find out more about us. In addition, you need to consider before the interview what you can offer and what you expect from GSP so that we can both find out during the interview whether we will make a good fit. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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