Environmental, occupational and health protection management system

Our company is committed to protecting the environment as well as the workplace and health of our staff in all activities.

Environmental policy

GSP's environmental policy is part of the company policy and belongs to the guidelines of the company. We maintain an environmental management system in accordance with EN 14001 for the organisation of our environmental measures. Our task is to align the value chain, particularly the production processes and manufactured products, with our environmental targets. This includes:

  • Efficiently using resources, such as electric and raw materials
  • Minimising emissions and waste
  • Increased use of reclaimed materials

We are committed to continuing to improve the operational environmental protection in consideration of economic aspects for the company. We follow the relevant laws and regulations and monitor their compliance. The functionality of the environmental management system and the fulfilment of the environmental programme is monitored regularly. In addition, early, ongoing and scheduled activities are also checked such as the consequences of potential and emerging emergency situations. By continuously improving processes and products, we avoid hazards to people and the environment, reduce our impact on the environment and protect resources.

Principles of the environmental policy:

  • Employees are trained in environmental issues to promote their sense of responsibility, motivation, communication, competence and decision-making capability.
  • We are committed to meeting the requirements of the applicable environmental standards. GSP recognises existing environmental aspects through its corporate activity and assesses the environmental effects on air, water and soil. This means taking acoustic, odour and vibration emissions into account. Measures to prevent waste and protect resources are also carried out.
  • GSP monitors the functionality of the environmental system, particularly the implementation of our environmental policy and the fulfilment of the environmental programme. Safety concepts form a prerequisite for the environmentally-friendly operation and development of our sites.
  • We promote internal and external dialogue in all environmental issues and encourage our suppliers to observe the guidelines regarding environmental policy.

Occupational health and safety policy

The health of our staff is the basic principle for the sustainable development of our company. To organise our occupational health and safety measures, we maintain a management system in accordance with ISO 45001. The management team and all staff try to prevent work-related injuries and illness by acting responsibly at all times. Health risks within the work process must be detected, evaluated and remedied.

The management team is committed to ongoing improvements in the management system for occupational health and safety protection thanks to its processes and process achievements with its figures. This is associated with the obligation to meet all applicable laws as well as existing requirements agreed with our business partners. This includes, amongst other things, relevant standards, customer requirements, procedure instructions, emergency plans and management systems. Objectives are associated with the occupational health and safety protection management, the fulfilment of which is regularly check and evaluated.


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