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 RealTime - passenger information newsletter, edition 2019

  • Double the thrust
    Televic Rail and GSP set off to a flying start
  • A navigation system on the train
    Train beacons personalise passenger information
  • Smart powerhouse
    The new FLEX system is extremely versatile
  • Fleet information management
    New features provide even more convenience
  • State-of-the-art technology in blue and white
    GSP is rolling through the Bavarian Oberland
  • Inside GSP: We’re all ears



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 RealTime - passenger information newsletter, InnoTrans edition 2018

  • Franconia runs better
    GSP ensuring long-term quality with DB Regio
  • Flexibility en route to Israel
    Sleek technology in TRAXX locomotives by Bombardier
  • Flytoget launches in Oslo
    Convenient passenger information systems in high-speed trains
  • Keeping on the safe side
    Complete contemporary video surveillance solutions
  • New interface - new functions
    Passengers get more out of train journeys with WiFi 2.0
  • A new eyecatcher in the train
    An innovatiove addition to the INDIS family
  • Help at the push of a button
    GSP solutions for accessibility in trains
  • Inside GSP: project management
    A reliable partner form A to Z


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2 | 2017 - RealTime - passenger information newsletter

  • GSP shows you the way
    The new Berlin S-Bahn regional train fleet with the most modern passenger information technology
  • Service in real time: PIS-Wi-Fi 2.0
    A new vehicle interface connects Wi-Fi to the passenger information system (PIS)
  • The next generation is ready
    GSP in the Siemens Mireo®: smart technology for intelligent trains
  • A first in regional transport - PIS-Wi-Fi 2.0 in Test Operation
  • Inside GSP - Modern manufacturing for the highest demands
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June 2017 - RealTime - passenger information newsletter

  • Wi-Fi for all! Online and offl ine services for regional transport
  • A single system, many options - Powerful GSP components for passenger Wi-Fi
  • GSP Full-Service Package - Service for your passenger Wi-Fi



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September 2016 - RealTime - passenger information newsletter, Innotrans edition 2016

  • Laying Tracks for Train Travel 4.0 - GSP offers comprehensive train WiFi solutions
  • Higher Performance, Higher Security - New components for video surveillance
  • All in View, All in Hand - Fleet information management perfected
  • Mobile Intercom Unit - A new application for train guards
  • Israel Railways counts on GSP technology - GSP optimises the PIS data stream across the whole fleet
  • Live video streaming on ÖBB trains - TV at 200 km/h
  • Innovations for the City of the Future - GSP participates in development of self-driving electro-shuttle vehicles



pdf iconOctober 2015 - RealTime - passenger information newsletter, edition 02/15
  • With Siemens Avenio to the beach - In future GSP technology will also roll through The Hague
  • A network for security and service - IP systems save money and are flexible
pdf iconMay 2015 - RealTime - passenger information newsletter, edition 01/15
  • System competency demonstrated again - Alstom is again relying on GSP technology for Deutsche Bahn regional train equipment
  • GSP on and below the roads of Berlin - BVG is again relying on tried-and-tested GSP systems
  • The speaking tram - Unique project in Europe with GSP and Erfurter Verkehrsbetriebe
  • GSP expands obsolescence management



pdf iconSeptember 2014 - RealTime - passenger information newsletter, edition 02/14
  • Flexible sizes - The INDIS displays
  • Ear-catching - The  network-based public address system
  • GSP wins over cutting-edge technology - Passenger information for Desiro RUS
  • Cross-generation modernization - Four train coach generations communicate via state-of-the-art
    passenger information systems
  • Put on the right track - 30 years of groundbreaking new developments with GSP
pdf iconApril 2014 - RealTime - passenger information newsletter, edition 01/14
  • Two powerful arguments: solution skills and product quality - Again Stadler trusts in proven GSP technology
  • Setting new standards in passenger information and secure data transfer - Realtime convenience

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