04/2021 GSP - Televic Rail Express: Innovative ways to improve passenger experience

Improving the passenger experience and making their journey as smooth as possible: that’s what all our solutions aim for. This month, we showcase several ways in which you can use LiveCoM to maximize your passengers’ comfort – by tackling content management to condition based maintenance. Make yourselves comfortable: here we go!

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03/2021 GSP - Televic Rail Express: How to future-proof your rolling stock

Dear reader,

Refurbish, rebuild or replace? A relatable question anytime you see your rail vehicles nearing the halfway point of their useful lives. In many cases, timely refurbishments improve passenger satisfaction and the reliability and availability of your rolling stock, giving you the best value for money.

In addition, upgrading your on-board communication and control systems is a smart move to leverage the possibilities of fast-evolving technology.

Read on to find out how you can cost-efficiently future-proof your rolling stock – and stay ahead of the game in our industry.

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02/2021 GSP - Televic Rail Express

Dear reader,

I am very excited to share with you our revamped Televic GSP newsletter.

Our new Televic GSP Express offers the latest insights on railway trends, technologies and best practices, bringing carefully crafted articles and industry relevant information delivered straight to your inbox every two months.

Enjoy the read!

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01/2021 GSP - Televic Rail Express: How the rail industry is moving to the cloud

Chances are if you are not already using or considering cloud services, you most likely will be in the near future. And although cloud computing might sound like a simple term, quite a few of us are not really grasping its full potential for the rail services.

So let's take a look at the impact a migration might have on your current and future IT operations! Below you'll find everything you want to know on changes in trends, data collection and digital twins.

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 RealTime - passenger information newsletter, edition 2019

  • Double the thrust
    Televic Rail and GSP set off to a flying start
  • A navigation system on the train
    Train beacons personalise passenger information
  • Smart powerhouse
    The new FLEX system is extremely versatile
  • Fleet information management
    New features provide even more convenience
  • State-of-the-art technology in blue and white
    GSP is rolling through the Bavarian Oberland
  • Inside GSP: We’re all ears



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 RealTime - passenger information newsletter, InnoTrans edition 2018

  • Franconia runs better
    GSP ensuring long-term quality with DB Regio
  • Flexibility en route to Israel
    Sleek technology in TRAXX locomotives by Bombardier
  • Flytoget launches in Oslo
    Convenient passenger information systems in high-speed trains
  • Keeping on the safe side
    Complete contemporary video surveillance solutions
  • New interface - new functions
    Passengers get more out of train journeys with WiFi 2.0
  • A new eyecatcher in the train
    An innovatiove addition to the INDIS family
  • Help at the push of a button
    GSP solutions for accessibility in trains
  • Inside GSP: project management
    A reliable partner form A to Z


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2 | 2017 - RealTime - passenger information newsletter

  • GSP shows you the way
    The new Berlin S-Bahn regional train fleet with the most modern passenger information technology
  • Service in real time: PIS-Wi-Fi 2.0
    A new vehicle interface connects Wi-Fi to the passenger information system (PIS)
  • The next generation is ready
    GSP in the Siemens Mireo®: smart technology for intelligent trains
  • A first in regional transport - PIS-Wi-Fi 2.0 in Test Operation
  • Inside GSP - Modern manufacturing for the highest demands
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June 2017 - RealTime - passenger information newsletter

  • Wi-Fi for all! Online and offl ine services for regional transport
  • A single system, many options - Powerful GSP components for passenger Wi-Fi
  • GSP Full-Service Package - Service for your passenger Wi-Fi



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September 2016 - RealTime - passenger information newsletter, Innotrans edition 2016

  • Laying Tracks for Train Travel 4.0 - GSP offers comprehensive train WiFi solutions
  • Higher Performance, Higher Security - New components for video surveillance
  • All in View, All in Hand - Fleet information management perfected
  • Mobile Intercom Unit - A new application for train guards
  • Israel Railways counts on GSP technology - GSP optimises the PIS data stream across the whole fleet
  • Live video streaming on ÖBB trains - TV at 200 km/h
  • Innovations for the City of the Future - GSP participates in development of self-driving electro-shuttle vehicles



pdf icon October 2015 - RealTime - passenger information newsletter, edition 02/15
  • With Siemens Avenio to the beach - In future GSP technology will also roll through The Hague
  • A network for security and service - IP systems save money and are flexible
pdf icon May 2015 - RealTime - passenger information newsletter, edition 01/15
  • System competency demonstrated again - Alstom is again relying on GSP technology for Deutsche Bahn regional train equipment
  • GSP on and below the roads of Berlin - BVG is again relying on tried-and-tested GSP systems
  • The speaking tram - Unique project in Europe with GSP and Erfurter Verkehrsbetriebe
  • GSP expands obsolescence management



pdf icon September 2014 - RealTime - passenger information newsletter, edition 02/14
  • Flexible sizes - The INDIS displays
  • Ear-catching - The  network-based public address system
  • GSP wins over cutting-edge technology - Passenger information for Desiro RUS
  • Cross-generation modernization - Four train coach generations communicate via state-of-the-art
    passenger information systems
  • Put on the right track - 30 years of groundbreaking new developments with GSP
pdf icon April 2014 - RealTime - passenger information newsletter, edition 01/14
  • Two powerful arguments: solution skills and product quality - Again Stadler trusts in proven GSP technology
  • Setting new standards in passenger information and secure data transfer - Realtime convenience

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