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Growing cities, increased levels of traffic, unclear threat situations: In a world that is becoming increasingly more complex, people's need for safety is increasing. Whether you choose to travel by public transport depends on how you feel when you get on a train or bus. Vehicle manufacturers, rail operators and passengers expect technology that they can rely on at all times, on a normal day as well as in an emergency.

GSP is the partner when it comes to high-quality passenger safety systems, whether it involves video monitoring in and around vehicles or passenger speaker systems. It goes without saying that all systems meet the latest EU guidelines regarding accessibility (PRM TSI).

One of our latest innovations is the mobile call station, a type of smartphone app for train operators. When a passenger connects through a passenger call station, the train guard can accept the call from any carriage and react immediately. Train staff can also coordinate with one another much more efficiently, which increases the safety of all those travelling and eases the work load of the train team.


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