Journeys that are fun

The good news for any one who doesn’t think information and security are enough to travel by public transport: GSP gives you more than just the journey. With our passenger entertainment systems, we respond to the needs of passengers in the media age.

Our different audiovisual systems make every journey entertaining and enjoyable - and for a long time to come, as our displays are durable, robust and protected against vandalism. The TFT displays of the info display (INDIS) family can be installed flexibly, offering all aspects that makes up modern passenger entertainment, from graphic information to high-resolution video playback.

The expansion of Wi-Fi in trains, not just in long-distance transport, but also regional transport, currently concerns passengers, rail operators and train manufacturers. GSP is one of the first full-service providers of hardware and software components for regional trains. Where network coverage is not yet sufficient, GSP prepares interim solutions that provide passengers with an ‘extra something’ in terms of service and entertainment.

With the innovative extension of the GSP WiFI system, passengers are even better informed. With PIS-WiFi 2.0, passengers have access to current travel information directly from the vehicle via their mobile devices, even without network coverage. Find out more here.


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