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In the information society, passengers expect to be kept up to date with the latest travel data. State-of-the-art passenger information systems are therefore key to the competitiveness of public transport. Our system solutions help rail operators to increase the appeal of its mode of transport and as a result, its passenger numbers.

After all, vehicle manufacturers are not installing any technology with GSP's hardware and software; they are using sophisticated systems that offer an additional decisive advantage in addition to reliability and longevity: flexibility. Thanks to our widely extensive industry experience and our knowledge and expertise, we are in a position to constantly update, develop and adapt our products to the individual needs of our customers. This creates compatible and upgradable complete solutions that offer real added value to passengers.

Convincing technology

The control centre is the vehicle computer with Ethernet interface and optional modules such as GPS, GSM, WLAN and MVB. The brain of our passenger information system is located here and all connected components are controlled from this point. Constant alignment with the control centre ensures that passengers are informed in real time.

This occurs visually via different display systems such as TFT info displays or interior displays that provide information on the journey destination, train destination or train tracking. Our state-of-the-art public address and amplification systems ensure the correct sound level for announcements.

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